#ToBetterMinds 🧁

Insanity sometimes is the sane response to a mad society’ – R.D Liang (The anti-Psychiatry Movement )

These words struck a chord with me the very time I came across them, it’s rather thought provoking how we; the society, the civilization have set standards and norms and demarcated the typical from atypical. Mental Health and attitudes towards it have come a long way, from Law of Idiots to callous stories of life in mental asylums, the journey of so called ‘Psychiatric Patients’ continues, and ‘Eventful’ is a word too mundane to define it.

Even in today’s world and age, when we all want to talk about Mental Health and Awareness, unfortunately there are amongst us, within us, may be are us, individuals and attitudes that stigmatise Mental Health. Stigmatise those who’re suffering, those who’re healing and those who’re trying to heal others in whatever capacity they can.

Mental health has never been a bigger concern as world indulges in plastic entertainment and gadgetry relationships. Yet the bias, the bigotry and brazen discrimination against both the patient and the professional fails to cease.

Mental Health is not one person or one perspective, it’s not a distant theory you’re not associated with, it’s all of us, at odd times and off phases, through bad days and rough patches.

Subtle yet stumblingly debilitating is the decline in community’s mental health. This might not be talk of our town, but it’s very much happening , and it’s very much getting the world . With much bigger a force than we realize.

Transcultural Psychiatry remains a special interest of mine as a Psychiatrist. Its alarming how perception and practices around Mental Health vary across the globe and I frequently compare these.

Unfortunately Mental Health is something we still shy away from. It’s that damned tag that you would not wish upon yourself. Labelling and stereotyping of mental health, and the sufferer of it, remain a sad but stark reality of our society.

I have personally witnessed so many instances where brushing symptoms and presentations under the carpet is unfortunately considered preferable to status loss and discrimination. This is the first step that we need to take in order to tackle this mammoth monster that’s crept in, affected and engulfed our society without us even noticing its presence. I talk about how prevalent Mental Health Disorders are in our society and unfortunately, how underdiagnosed and un treated they remain.

The stigma, the society, the fear of being pointed at and left out advertises against approaching the root cause. It’s harder to identify, lest associate with a mental health illness. And in the gravity of it, it’s difficult to seek and obtain the right kind of help, support and treatment.

This is the first step of this journey towards better minds. Let’s cut chains of difference and discrimination. Rule out negativity, forget, forgive ( or try to), stand together and spread love ( both literally and figuratively) . For healthy minds is a priority for us as a society , for mankind as a population and for earth as a planet .

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