Every Little May Help πŸ’•

More often than not, the subtle signs of a bigger internal crisis may be perceived as normal. Thus ignored and forgotten while the storm within brews. The non verbal, not so apparent cues may hint to deeper rooted issues.

Seemingly unreasonable attitudes may be mistaken for social inadequacy, rudeness or lack of manners. What we may fail to recognise could be an underlying struggle within mind and it’s works.

Mental Health Issues are not a far fetched phenomenon affecting few and far between.They are not limited to the rare, discriminated minority. Mental health is not about being ‘mad’ and being labelled like so. They are us, within us and among us. As we stand isolated individually; starkly bare and unconsciously vulnerable to these so brazenly stigmatised conditions of brain.

The Twenty First Century human brain, stands prone to trauma and breakage. Inadequate safety networks,vulnerable mindsets, fragmented relationships, unrealistic socioeconomic competitiveness and a perpetual strive with negligible passivity in the daily grind renders this scrambled lifestyle a perfect breeding point for less than ideal attitudes and behaviors.

As a psychiatrist I see countless cases where the Inadequate network of close relationships is a major perpetuating factor to multiple affective disorders. The expected knee jerk reaction to any mental or physical health issue is pharmacological intervention, conveniently ignoring the crucial importance of basics like effective social networks. There are countless pills and potions but as per evidence and experience the efficacy of any intervention is increased significantly if additive of positive social and interpersonal circumstance.

Its my personal belief that secondary prevention can start at places closer to home. It might not be very tedious a task, to spare moments from our screens and cast an eye on those near us, offer a patient ear, extend a helping hand, to help, and to be there ( in whatever capacity one can)when things take a tow for nears and dears ( or even complete strangers)

Not on all occasions would you meet with encouragement, people going through rough patches would seldom engage in niceities, they wouldn’t be weighing social appropation of their relative interactions. Expect to be ridiculed, misunderstood and often misjudged. There’d be projection, displacement and transference. These are some of the challenge we face every day as health care professionals, however for the bigger good of the community, I believe we as a force, as professionals and as members of the general public need to extend this attitude beyond just the confines of work. There would be instances when you’d make someone’s day a little better, a little bearable.Help someone see that silver lining ( however short lived) and a brighter prespective of seemingly dim and dark situation.

It’s the little things that matter, it’s the little things that turn big. A hand to take a tiny step towards a slightly better next day. You never know what difference a minute effort on ones part can make to another life πŸ™Œ

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