The Therapy called Silence

Lest you let it pass unnoticed, there is a perpetual noise that you find yourself engulfed in.Noise of all sorts, shapes and forms. Opinions, ideas – broadcasted,propelled and propagated. Individual and collective. I am not talking about a two way conversation that is both inviting and therapeutic.Pacified, collaborated and appropriately reciprocated. I am referring to a cluster of dialogue and dialects followed by chaotic rebuttles hurled out in air by utter strangers in name of being social. The small talk, or bigger talks just because sitting silent is not great manners.

I struggle to engage with utter strangers, I struggle to start conversations with people I don’t know, more so continue the conversation. Is it an utter necessity?! Is it important to win friends left right and centre. Is it crucial to being socially appropriate ?

For an age the thought dwelled in my mind, to a point where I felt almost handicapped. I had this urge to literally force my self to make desperate efforts in order to initiate shallow almost meaningless conversations.

May be a tad bit tardy, came the realisation, of power of Quiet, rather hidden within the awkward uncomfortable apparant inadequacy all along !

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