Towards a happy heart 

Life is truly turned into a mumbo jumbo of monochrome monotony. We spend time and effort, hours to years , running after desirables, hitting bench marks,  advertising achievements, projecting a façade of mundane fulfilment that we almost forget what we ourselves are truly about. Somewhere down the line, whilst chasing life, we’ve managed to have lost contact with it . Life we know today can be repetitive, tedious and very tiring. Once in a while  therefore its essential for an individual to make efforts in order to restore one’s mind and soul. There is so much one can do, nonetheless its advisable to disconnect with the plastic and associate with nature. Something as effortless as walking can do wonders to help you unwind . Gardening and spending  time in the sun is another way to leisure some quality time with nature.

Also some bullet points :

  1. Believe in simple – Its rather ironic that being simple is actually a complicated process, it is the first step towards mind regulation. That’s when you free your mind of clap trap of scrambled thoughts. Getting rid of unnecessary brain clutter  helps one’s train of thoughts to be manageable, clean and lucid . Which then plays part in holistic wellbeing of the individual.
  2. Face palm the chase, the competition. The rat race.
  3. Be a vegetarian – even if its for a day
  4. Stare at the sky , count stars !
  5. Switch your mind off, and have a cup of chamomile tea.
  6. Read. Write. Color
  7. Meditate

“The Simple Path – Silence is Prayer, Prayer is Faith, Faith is Love, Love is Service The Fruit of Service is Peace

8.Spread a good vibe a day , as little as a smile

9.  Be Content :

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” ― Plato

10. Laugh it off

Laughing is actually a therapy, it has so many proven benefits its almost surreal. It is a natural analgesic and helps decrease heart diseases, since it plays part in reducing stress which is a reversible risk factor for cardiovascular events. Laughing also is a form of mild chest physiotherapy and therefore can help with pulmonary strength and reducing risk of breathing difficulties. And best of all, it helps reduce weight as well. Well there is therefore no reason why one not laugh it all out, even if its for no reason at all.

“When it’s all said and done, the only thing that matter in life are so damn simple. Family, friends. being safe and well. I think before the war a lot of people got sucked in by the crap on TV. They thought having the right shoes or the right jeans or the right car really mattered. Boy were we ever dumb.” ― John Marsden, The Night Is for Hunting

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