Stop and Stare



Islam – was a religion of peace and humanity, the words that now seldom resonate with its followers, interestingly  instead we now find ourselves in muddy waters , sticky situations on lines of vicious verbosity and islamophobia more often then not.

Though Islam for me was Al Battani and Ibn e Sina, mathematicians, scientists and astronomer back in 7th centuary working on yet to be explored complex theories of length and values of time, contributing to medicine and philosophy.

Islam for me was 14th centuary Ottoman architecture of Bursa and Edirine, old school version of Travel blogs by Ibn e batuta, Food ecstacy of Muglai Cuisine, (who ever invented the auspicous biryani 😍)  heart warming Persian Poetry and artistic Midieval pottery . Where then, down the years ,we now have identified ourselves as rational and rash nations of lethal judgements and intricate jigsaws of  fleas and flaws. 

I am a huge believer of peace, and happiness, for life is too short for hate and humdrum.At the same time I believe self respect is something a nation takes its pride on . Today we see blood shed and barbarity. And cry silent tears.

Today that we cry, may be it’s not any one else’s but our own fault. Not as individuals but may be like a community, we have failed on so many levels. May be blindfolded, or is it voluntary myopia .

The head of states of Muslim countries is another story . Either they are naïve and unaware or have rather pestering issues at hand, like whats for lunch .My rather flimsy memory fails to remember last time even a single head of state from a single Muslim country stood up to any of the multiple atrocities muslims are being served with .

It’s not a secret that Muslim Nations comprise of the wealthiest community in the world . But what makes us so destitute, so defenceless. How can we let this happen over and over again, one country after another, Just being wiped off the face of the planet. Are we so worthless. Or is that the ruthlessness within ourselves that renders us numb and selfish.How can we then expect the rest of the world to understand, let alone respect us.


I feel so ashamed of this tattered representation ! The whole Islamic world is shred into baseless differences. Who fuels the fire ? I’m not sure and I better not be sure. But at the end of the day the fact remains. We are a rather battered entity.No wonder Islam is an easy target since we are broken into a hundred pieces marked by our self created petty differences . And yet we tend to blame the others.

It saddens me how we are ages away from real essence of our religion and that In what drains of ignorance did we pour the real Islam, the very definition of  peace that Islam stood for 1400 years ago,  and fabricated it with pretention, selfishness , racism and prejudice. When did money and bribe and cast and creed and sect and segregation and our own tummies start to be epitomes of our priorities.

It just pinches the soul of every sane Muslim to see ourselves in these horrible pits of darkness. Since its unfortunate , we stand here crippled and crying and held responsible for crimes we didn’t commit, yet manipulated and victimized the worst !!

Might the Muslim nations wake up from their slumber and let go of the segregation and hate, instead unite and step up for humanity .

And this cannot be denied that the entire Muslim world is more of a victim to this scrutiny and state terrorism, than anyone else. Its about time we stand up for ourselves.

Not by war but by Peace, By Education, By prosperity in our own states, Love and acceptance and by Islam as a way of life, Islam of ethics morals and humanity, Islam of equality and forgiveness ; An Islam that has a little more to it beyond burqa and beards .

And It’s easier said than done, but one thing we can hold on to is hope

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