I,Once πŸŽ€

From fairy tales and fables.Lullables and la la lands.A baby in cradle crawls its way up the ladder of life.Where fabrication and ferocious fiction awaits him.The cynicism is the very essence of this world.Irony marks every step,every path.Life is full of surprises.World abundant in temporal concerns.

As we scroll up the years, realities reveal themselves.More secrets get unearthed. Its like a story.Every person having a diverse tale to tell.No one learns from others.This lesson is exclusive for every individual.A scalded soul can heal solely it self.Its just an illusion that mankind depicts support and salvation.At the end of the day, its just going to be you,your’s and your self ! 

Life has always inspired me. I always wanted to write about life. I know i can never come up with exact answers.absolute definitions.But id always pen down what my head thinks of it.How pronunciation of life changes with every experience. How torture and tyranny yield diverse dimensions to sensibility !

One thing remains the same,life is one big story.Its so intricatly interesting,  painfully addictive.

The more you immserse into the depth of this existence,the more mesmerizing it becomes.To the point when you actually stop existing and start living, this precarious jigsaw of breaths and beats ! 

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