Dusky Dawns and Diagnostic Dilemmas â›…️🏥

I stand and stare, as the sun rises. It’s almost 6 am and -3 degree Celsius as I prepare to head out for work. I think my car’s screen is covered with frozen ice.Nah I’m pretty sure it is . I need to get some lukewarm water for an instant fix ( didn’t have time to get a defroster or whatever it’s called ) or may be it just got buried under a million other things on my never ending to-do list .

It’s a beautiful morning, I want to stand and stare, cherish it, consume it, live it a bit more . No but I have to rush . Rush run rattle rumble over and over every day . Since that’s what’s demanded of me, this is a demanding life – It sure is a demanding venture; too damn demanding. I speed of, thinking of rather pressing issues waiting for me at work .

I can’t possibly afford random moments of standing and staring 🌀⛅️☔️!!!

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